Octo Pirate (Coming Soon)

Escape from pirate sea creatures using bubbles and your tentacle whips to solve unique puzzles

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Play as an Octopus!

You have been captured by pirates, just as they are about to cook up some octopus steak, you break free, steal a hat and jump to your freedom! Freedom, that is where things get tricky, you will need to cross various paths and sea monsters to get to the next aquarium, and ultimately back to the ocean!


Use bubbles to raise yourself up!

Octopuses cant jump, but they can blow bubbles, use this to your advantage to get over high obstacles, block the paths of enemies, pressing "Worm buttons" and solve puzzles. Be careful, your limit is only 5 bubbles and you might need to think ahead before you might trap yourself


Dig through levels using your tentacle whip!

Use your tentacle whip to destroy blocks to the left or right of you. Dig around enemies, solve puzzles to clear a path to the exit. You must have a clear block above what you want to dig tot he left of you, so you must strategize on which areas to dig to find the best path to the exit


Sneak by enemies using INKVISIBLE!

In order to get past enemies you must camouflage yourself using "Inkvisible", douse yourself with ink so the pirates and sea creatures walk right past you! Time your ink charge before enemies get too close, and hold it as long as you can as enemies pass you by!


Solve Creative Puzzles!

Use moveable boxes to cross spikey paths, avoid cannon balls using clever timing or other means. Activate switches to trigger doors and disable flamethrowers to pass through an ever increasingly difficult maze of puzzles. Do you have what it takes to escape?

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